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Getting to the Winner’s Circle: Preparing for the Future, Starting Today
Instructor: Dr. Robert S. Frey, APMP Fellow, PMP®, MBA

• The 71% Effect
• Most Important Factors in Winning
• Federal Government’s Competitive Solicitation Lifecycle
• Industry’s Opportunity Pursuit Framework
• Increasing Your Company’s Pwin
• Best Practice Bid and Proposal (B&P) Scenario
• Opportunity Qualification Process
• Integrated View of the Entire Opportunity Lifecycle—Exporting Insights Across Various Departments
• Business Development | Capture Management | Proposal Management | Knowledge Management | Infrastructure | Operations

• Focus on Business Development (BD)
• Sales and Selling
• Fitting into Your Customer’s World
• What is Your Company Selling?
• Definition of Winning
• BD through the Lens of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 7th
• Gate Decision/STEP Reviews
• BD Funnel
• Filling the Right Buckets
• What is Your Story?

• Effective Capture Management
• Role of the Capture Manager
• Capture Plan
• Field-Proven Win Strategy Checklist
• Capturing Success Stories Using the SAR Model©
• Capture Management through the Lens of PMBOK 7th Edition
• Gap Analysis as a Tool for Teaming Decisions

• Proposal Development—Driving Your Solutions into the “Book”
• So, What Does the Government Care About?
• Examples of Technical and Management Strengths in Source Selection Statements
• Key Metrics to Capture to Drive Winning Business Behavior
• Naming Your Company’s Processes and Facilities
• So, You Have an RFP Staring You in the Face, Now What?
• Proposal Development—Critical Success Factors for Winning
• Building a Compelling Executive Summary
• Important Intangible Assets
• The Mirror Effect
• Writing Engaging Elevator Speeches
• Proposal Readiness Work Products©
• Proposal Development through the Lens of PMBOK 7th Edition
• Applying a Journalistic Approach to Proposal Development
• Cross-Reference Matrix
• Understanding and Approach—Addressing the Challenge Head-On
• Conceptualizing Centerpiece Graphics

• On-Target Proposal Reviews
• Applying Lean Principles and Tools
• Remarkable Value of Blue Team
• Blue Team through the Lens of PMBOK 7th Edition
• Vertical and Horizontal Reviews
• Reviews through the Lens of PMBOK 7th Edition
• Reviewer Checklist
• It’s All About the AFTERs

• Proposal Writing, Résumés, and Project Citations
• Proposal ABCs
• Proposal Writing Dos and Don’ts
• The Importance of Metrics
• Active and Passive Voice
• Writing for Two Audiences
• Building a Future-Focused Proposal Résumé
• On-target Past Performance Project Citations
• Read Your Work Aloud
• Balancing Process and Content Issues
• The “Look-and-Feel” of a Winning Proposal

• Knowledge Management (KM)—Business Force Multiplier
• Applying KM at Work Tomorrow
• “30 in 30”—SAR© Model
• Capturing Information on Intangible Assets

• Preparing to Navigate Forward
• Establish and Track Proposal Metrics
• Learning to Make Your Company an Ambidextrous Organization

• Your #1 Goal

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